Attic Admissions Policy

As a Pupil Referral Unit, admissions to The Attic are through the Local Authority’s In Year Fair Access Panels (IYFAPs). There are three panels (North Suffolk, Ipswich and South Suffolk, and West Suffolk) that meet every month for primary and secondary admissions to alternative provisions (including PRUs). Admission to The Attic is usually through the North panel. Additional support through the outreach services, ‘managed moves’ to other mainstream schools, referral to the educational psychology services and other strategies are also considered in these meetings. The panel consists of representatives (senior leaders) from all mainstream schools, the educational psychology service, the Early Help team, Youth Offending, LA Outreach services, the inclusion team within the LA and Heads or their Deputies from each alternative provider or PRU. More information on this process can be found in the Fair Access Protocol below.

Where a young person is struggling to access their learning in a mainstream school because of their complex social, emotional or mental health needs, their very poor attendance, or they are at risk of permanent exclusion from the school, the parents/ carers and school can agree to make a referral for an alternative provision placement, such as moving to The Attic through the IYFAP.

The panel will also consider referrals for The Attic Assessment Centre.

Once a place is agreed The Attic works with the young person, the parents/carers and their current school to enable a smooth transition to The Attic assessment Centre. This includes:

  • A meeting with the young person and their parents/ carers to introduce The Attic and discuss what we can offer. This is often at The Attic.
  • A thorough, holistic assessment to identify any barriers to learning and to explore the best offer of provision for that student. Transport needs and make option choices for our vocational placements will also be decided during this time.
  • A gradual induction timetable, supporting the young person to access their learning at The Attic at a pace which suits them, including familiarisation with travel to and from The Attic and their vocational placements.

At all times we work in partnership with the young person and their parents/carers to ensure that each young person is given the best opportunity to thrive at The Attic.