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Attic @ Walpole and Attic @ Hillside 

Exam Results 2019  

Maths GCSE 63%  

English GCSE 63%  

Maths and English GCSE 63%  

Maths, English and Biology GCSE 52.6%  

5 GCSEs or equivalent 53% 

Attic @ The Landing 

Pupils in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to sit national examinations such as SAT’s where appropriate. This is discussed on an individual basis with pupils and parents/carers taking into account the pupils learning profile. 

Post 16 Destinations for 2018/2019 

Attic @ Walpole 

91.66% have a college placement 

8.33% are being supported 

Attic @ Hillside 

100have a college placement or are working directly with an alternative provision 


94.74have a college placement or are working directly with an alternative provision 

5.26% are being supported 

Forecasted Post 16 Destinations for 2019/2020 

Attic @ Walpole 

70% have a confirmed college placement 

30% are being supported 

Attic @ Hillside 

71.42% have a confirmed college placement – with 14.29% also having an apprenticeship offer 

28.58% are being supported 


70.59% have a confirmed college placements – with 5.88% also having an apprenticeship offer. 

29.41% are being supported 

Please note, when we say being supported 

At Attic we never say goodbye to our students, we are always interested once they have left and continue to work with external services and multi agencies. 

Our Family Engagement Officer has the opportunity to support our post 16 students into the summer holidays. They work closely with external agencies to track students’ destinations/updates. Relationships are key and supporting our post 16 students onto positive transitions, offering ongoing support and communication.