Students at Attic@Dragonfly benefit from a personalised learning programme that is both holistic and academic in its approach in a specialist tier 4 CAMHS environment. These students have additional needs under the mental health umbrella. This specialist provision should allow students to make progress like their mainstream peers, but this is dependent on their mental health capacity. 

Attic@Dragonfly recognises that during the student’s admission their progress may be significantly impaired due to their acute mental health condition and cognitive ability, for this reason targets may well be adjusted accordingly and in consultation with the clinical team.  

Attic@Dragonfly appreciates that students will experience a high level of emotional distress and disruption in their lives which may impact on the academic and social and emotional progress they make at school. All these factors are taken into account during pupil progress meetings to ensure the levels of expectation are realistic but sufficiently challenging. 


Additional Needs  

Students who are admitted to a tier 4 CAMHS unit have a variety of different needs ranging from bi-polar, borderline personality disorder and eating disorders. This is taken into account during the baseline assessment process, however in some cases, with additional support, a pupil will not have the capacity to progress sufficiently until medical intervention has taken place and the student is well enough to return to their mainstream school provision or an alternative provider. To discern where a child is regarding their mental health capacity the children’s global assessment scale (CGAS) is used, this is the numeric scale used by clinicians to assess the functioning of a young person under 18The decision around a student’s education is done in consultation with the clinical team to ensure that recovery is of high priority. This collaboration ensures that all factors are considered to ensure realistic, appropriate and aspirational targets are in place. 

Baseline Assessment 

The majority of students who arrive in Attic@Dragonfly will have experienced a fragmented educational history. Due to disrupted attendance and possible previous admissions their end of key stage results and teacher assessment are likely to be inaccurate. Although a student’s home school assessment data is taken into consideration students are judged from their baseline assessment data on entry. English, Maths and Biology alongside reading, spelling and comprehension baselines are conducted through Attic@Dragonflys induction programme in conjunction with the Growth Mindset that measures their social and emotional growth. 

Education Manager – Louise Weddle 

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