The Attic@The Landing is a specialist Intervention Provision for key stage 2 pupils with Special Educational Needs. It was originally started as a pilot for 4 pupils with Autism and ran from the Landing of Beccles Primary Academy. In September 2017 it moved to the Carlton Colville site where it was extended to a two class 12 place provision for pupils with Autism and in September 2018 the Local Authority Commissioned a third class for pupils in Key Stage 2 with Moderate Learning Differences (MLD) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH). The provision is now able to cater for 18 Key Stage 2 pupils. The Primary function of The Landing is to work proactively in supporting the pupils to reengage with the curriculum by reducing their anxiety and demand avoidance profile. 

Assistant Headteacher – Nicola Coman 

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