The Walpole site became a satellite in September 2013 for the Attic PRU. Set in quiet rural surroundings in Suffolk, the centre offers a limited number of spaces to meet student needs.  

Attic@Walpole specialises in working with young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health problems (SEMH). It is a beautiful and peaceful site positioned in a rural location near to Halesworth. The aim is to ensure that each student receives an appropriate education in a stable learning environment; maintaining the curriculum standards for each young person according to their needs, interests, aptitudes and stages of development.  

We offer a provision which is highly creative and innovative; using the land attached to the school to offer land based and enterprise qualifications. We also specialise in the arts’ and offer qualifications in a range of disciplines. We tap into the rich source of local providers, employers, artists and venues in order to enrich our curriculum and ignite our students in developing a passion and curiosity for learning. 

Assistant Headteacher – Sally Erb 

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