The School Improvement Team revisited our core values in December 2019 and developed our curriculum wheel. The wheel model is designed to reflect that we are multi-site, everything we do is tied into our core values: Love, Hope, Freedom, Inspire! 

During Summer 2020 we are refining curriculum documents that outline in more detail what it looks like on each site and will publish further information on this in Autumn 2020. 

To find out more detailed information about the curriculum on offer, please contact Di Chester via the Heads PA on 01986 897107 in the first instance. 


The Attic School 


The aim for all Key Stage 4 students is to leave The Attic School with at least 5 GCSE’s or equivalent qualifications by the end of Year 11. This is to ensure they have a suitable package to pursue their post 16 aspirations.   


English, Maths and Science form part of the core subjects during our Key Stage 4 curriculum and these are taught regularly throughout the week. Where possible, both English and Maths are grouped according to stage during Key Stage 4, allowing targeted work to be implemented.  



  • Functional Skills English – Level 1 and 2  
  • Functional Skills Maths – Level 1 and 2  
  • GCSE English Language  
  • GCSE Mathematics  
  • GCSE Biology  

The entry of qualification will be at the teacher’s discretion, but students can sit both Functional Skills and GCSE English and Maths if this is deemed appropriate. 


Key Stage 4 students choose an additional 2 subjects (outlined below) as their option choices.   


Option subjects 

  • Sport – Btec First award (Level 1 or 2)  
  • Music – GCSE level  
  • Home Cooking – Btec award (Level 1 or 2)  
  • Art, Craft and Design – GCSE level  


Where appropriate, students may be entered in Year 10 for a qualification so they can complete this before transition back into mainstream  

In addition to this, music tuition is available to students and through this they can complete graded music exams using the Rock School syllabus.   





Attic@Dragonfly offers a high-quality educational experience which builds on the prior knowledge and skills students have already gained in their own school.  

Our holistic and bespoke curriculum is designed to work collaboratively with the clinical team and the student’s community school or college. This tailored and personalised curriculum allows for an experience that considers the reason for admission, keeps them in touch with their own school community and learning and supports in the successful transition back into their school or college following discharge.  

The educational provision delivers a broad combination of core subjects taught to GCSE criteria, it incorporates prior learning and promotes curiosity and challenge in these subjects. This is delivered alongside an extensive and accessible enrichment programme. This includes arts and crafts, photography, physical education, music and drama.  

There is a strong focus on PSHE/RSE education that compliments the therapeutic programme, this is designed to support the pupil’s overall development and wellbeing, focusing on the core themes of relationships education, Health and wellbeing and the wider world.  

This collaborative and child centered approach allows our students to make significant progress and reconnect with their learning and support networks around their academic pathway at a challenging time in their lives. 



Attic@The Landing   


The Attic@The Landing is a Specialist Intervention Provision for Key Stage 2 pupils with Special Educational Needs in the area of Communication and Interaction. The provision currently caters for 18 Key stage 2 pupils. The pupils are separated in to two wings. The Blue wing supports pupils who primarily have a diagnosis of Autism. The Green wing supports pupils who have a learning difference with associated social, emotional and behavioural needs. The Primary function of the Landing is to work proactively in supporting the pupils to reengage with the curriculum by reducing their anxiety and demand avoidance profile.  

The landing minimum offer includes:  

  • Full coverage of KS1 and 2 core subjects- based at stage not age.  
  • Topic based coverage of foundation subjects using a fully integrated kinaesthetic approach.  
  • Drop down days to cover other foundation subjects and raise profile of special days.  
  • Bespoke planning to meet social, emotional and communication needs.  
  • Specific time daily for one to one input and small group work as required.  
  • Focus on working towards targets outlined in EHCP.  
  • A range of interventions including sensory circuits, finger gym, Teodorescu hand writing, toe by toe and power2.