Equality − aims and values  

The Attic aims to provide equality and excellence for all in order to promote the highest possible standards:  

  • a culture of respect for others
  • promoting equality by recognising and celebrating differences between people
  • a community where young people are well prepared for life in a diverse society

The Attic’s Approach to Promoting Equality   

The overall objective of The Attic’s Single Equality Policy is to pursue its equality duties to eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment, promote equality of opportunity, and promote good relations and positive attitudes between people of diverse backgrounds in all its activities. Through the Equality Policy, The Attic seeks to ensure that no pupils, staff, parents, guardians or carers or any other person through their contact with the school receives less favourable treatment on any grounds which cannot be shown to be justified.  

This includes the protected characteristics identified within the Equality Act (2010) i.e., sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pupils who are pregnant, undergoing or who have undergone gender reassignment.